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People gather as SpaceX Starship spacecraft prototype is transported from the launch site ahead of the SpaceX Starship third flight test from Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas

SpaceX Poised For Third Launch Test Of Starship Megarocket

SpaceX plans on Thursday to attempt another launch of Starship, the world's most powerful rocket that is vital to NASA's plans for landing astronauts on the Moon later this decade -- and Elon Musk's hopes of eventually colonizing Mars.
Intuitive Machines, the Houston company leading mission "IM-1," hopes to become the first non-government entity to achieve a soft touchdown on the Moon and land the first US robot on the surface since the Apollo missions more than five decades ago

Private US Spaceship Takes Off For The Moon

A US spaceship attempting a lunar landing lifted off early Thursday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the second such private-led effort this year after the first ended in failure.
'Undue influence': McKinsey & Company helped set the agenda for the UN Africa Climate Summit

Leaks Show McKinsey Pushed Fossil Fuel Agenda At Africa Climate Summit

Consulting giant McKinsey & Company sought to place controversial carbon market schemes favoured by its fossil fuel clients at the heart of the Africa Climate Summit, according to internal documents and sources who talked to AFP. The documents reveal that the firm worked behind the scenes to shape the agenda of September's Nairobi gathering, a key event in the run-up to the UN's COP28 talks in Dubai.
Chang'e-3, which carried a robotic rover, was China's first landing on the Moon

China's Space Programme: Five Things To Know

When Chang'e-3 became the first Chinese craft to land on the Moon 10 years ago, it kicked off nationwide celebrations -- and a decade of major successes for a rapidly accelerating space programme.
The Florida Everglades is teeming with the destructive offspring of erstwhile pets and house plants, including the Burmese python

World Losing High-stakes Fight Against Invasive Species

Invasive species that wreck crops, ravage forests, spread disease, and upend ecosystems are spreading ever faster across the globe, and humanity has not been able to stem the tide, a major scientific assessment said Monday.
Homeless people take rest under a bridge to get respite from the heat on a hot summer afternoon in New Delhi

Heat Records Topple Across Sweltering Asia

Temperature records are being toppled across Asia, from India's summer to Australia's winter, authorities said Friday, in fresh evidence of the impact of climate change.