• The UAE sent 100 tons of aid to Sudan and 15 tons of aid to Chad
  • The aid planes that arrived in Port Sudan were packed with medical supplies needed for the treatment of injured civilians
  • Aid was sent to Chad to support the Sudanese refugees displaced during the war

The UAE has sent additional humanitarian aid to Sudan amid the ongoing crisis in the country. Two aid planes from the country arrived in Port Sudan on Monday, carrying 100 tons of food and medical goods to address the needs of the trapped civilians in the war-torn nation.

The aid planes were packed with medical supplies needed to treat injuries and perform emergency surgeries, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, wound dressings, endoscopy kits, and surgical tapes. The UAE also dispatched another aid plane carrying 15 tons of food to Chad to support the Sudanese refugees that had been displaced during the war and are seeking refuge in the Central African country.

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for International Development Affairs Sultan, Mohammed Al Shamsi, said the dispatching of the needed supplies was under the directive of the UAE government and demonstrates the country's commitment to supporting the Sudanese people. He also acknowledged the crisis besetting Sudan, noting how the disruption of many essential services as a result of the ongoing war has aggravated the suffering of its people.

According to Al Shamsi, the UAE's air bridge of food and medical aid only demonstrates the country's humanitarian approach and keenness to assist other countries in times of need. He also highlighted the country's commitment to alleviating the impact of the crisis on the people of Sudan.

The UAE has sent more than 240 tons of vital supplies to Sudan since the clashes between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group erupted on April 15. The country has also conducted successful evacuation operations in the country, allowing more than 700 Emiratis, foreign citizens, diplomats, and their families to leave Sudan amid the violent clashes.

The UAE carried out the evacuation of its fifth batch of evacuees from the war-stricken country earlier this week. At least 178 people from seven different countries arrived in Abu Dhabi on Sunday and are being provided temporary shelter in the country before they are flown back to their home countries. The fifth evacuation plane arrived one day after the UAE successfully evacuated 176 people from Sudan on Saturday.

A plane delivers aid from the United Arab Emirates in Port Sudan