White and Blue Yacht on Body of Water. Representational Image.
White and Blue Yacht on Body of Water. Representational Image. Diego F. Parra/Pexels.com

Luxury yacht builders gathered in Dubai from around the world have emphasized that prioritizing sustainable manufacturing of high-end marine crafts in the $13 billion market is required to address climate change issues.

Ahead of the Dubai International Boat Show, speakers at the Dubai Boat Show Leisure Yachting Conference agreed Sunday that boatyards that choose sustainable manufacturing of these luxury yachts are better to curb the impact of climate change.

Furthermore, sustainable yachts are also aligned with eco-conscious first-time buyers. The speakers noted that in the future, many e-boats and hybrid electric propulsion vessels can be seen cruising beautiful marine tourism hotspots including the newly launched Dubai Reef.

Eric Althaus, Managing Partner and Senior Broker of Althaus Yachts, praised such eco-friendly yachts, noting that they are great for those owners who want to reduce their environmental footprint.

"The modern yacht owner, often younger, seeks global exploration and adventure in remote places," Althaus said, as reported by WAM. "To align with these values, eco yachts are equipped with advanced features such as hybrid electric propulsion, sustainable materials, dynamic positioning, solar panels, and cutting-edge wastewater recovery systems, emphasizing a commitment to environmental care during cruises."

Althaus is one of the panel members of innovative marketing strategies in luxury yachting at the Dubai Boat Show Leisure Yachting Conference, which will take place this Tuesday (Feb. 27). Whereas, Dubai International Boat Show will be held from Feb. 28 (Wednesday) to March 3 (Sunday).

The annual Dubai Boat Show Leisure Yachting Conference acts as an official curtain raiser for the Dubai International Boat Show, which will be attended by more than 250 key industry leaders from around the world to discuss innovation, regulation, sustainability and the industry's future.

Dr. Mariem Nasraoui, R&D Director at ChromaMe Air & Surface Nano Tech, who serves as another speaker on the panel, explained that tech plays an important role in advancing luxury yachting's sustainability goals.

"Innovations such as eco-friendly propulsion systems, lightweight materials, and energy-efficient technologies will help reduce the environmental footprint of yachting activities while maintaining high standards of luxury and performance," Nasraoui said.

She added, "In the coming years, we can expect to see further integration of technology into luxury yachting, including advancements in areas such as autonomous navigation, renewable energy integration, and augmented reality experiences for passengers."

She noted that these innovations will help to enhance the overall cruising experience and also address the sustainability challenges in the industry.