Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi Kamil Rogalinski/Unsplash

Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan on Sunday inaugurated the first Human Fraternity Majlis at the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi.

The event was organized by the Muslim Council of Elders and attended by global leaders, international officials and influential voices from various sectors.

The event also commemorated the fifth anniversary of the Document on Human Fraternity, co-signed by Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and Pope Francis. During the event, the minister gave a speech highlighting the visions of pope and Al-Tayeb.

"I am pleased to be with you at the Abrahamic Family House, which serves as a unique symbol of mutual understanding, coexistence and peace between people of different religions, to celebrate the International Day of Human Fraternity," he said, WAM reported.

"We, at the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, are pleased to partner with the Muslim Council of Elders in organizing this majlis which is vital for promoting human fraternity. The people of the UAE are committed to weaving tolerance, coexistence and human fraternity into the fabric of our society, as well as to promoting these values ​​worldwide," he added.

The minister noted that tolerance and human fraternity bridges the gap among the UAE residents, despite diversity.

The event, Human Fraternity Majlis, was divided into three main sessions that witnessed participation from various international officials.

The first session was focused on sustainability through cooperation in environmental conservation, encouraging human fraternity towards a sustainable future. The session also explained the importance of being aligned with sustainability while maintaining a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

The second session delved in to women's leadership and the need to overcome barriers for building inclusive societies. It stressed on empowering women through educational and mentoring programs, along with financial investment strategies to drive their professional and economic growth.

The final session was about youth being involved in the fraternity as ambassadors for unity and diversity.