• Travelers are advised to contact health authorities upon returning to UAE
  • People experiencing hemorrhagic fever for 21 days are advised to seek medical attention
  • The ministry advised citizens against traveling to both African countries to avoid the virus

The UAE has urged travelers from Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea to isolate amid outbreaks of the deadly Marburg virus in both nations.

In a new advisory, the Ministry of Health and Prevention advised people returning to the UAE from the two African countries to avoid physical contact with others and immediately go to the nearest health facility to seek medical attention in case of symptoms.

"Those who traveled to the affected areas should inform medical staff that they have been to an area where the Marburg virus disease is spreading or have been in contact with infected individuals," the ministry said in the advisory.

The ministry also advised those experiencing hemorrhagic fever for more than 21 days to seek medical help.

Citizens has been asked to take necessary precautions in case of exposure to the virus. "If travel is unavoidable, necessary precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to the disease, such as avoiding close contact with patients, touching contaminated surfaces, and refraining from visiting caves and mines," the advisory added.

The ministry also reiterated the importance of frequent handwashing with soap and water in preventing the virus, further suggesting the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in case non-availability of soap. Citizens have been urged to observe proper hygiene and avoid touching parts of their face such as eyes, nose and mouth, noting that they could serve as gateways for the virus to enter the body.

The latest notice comes days after the UAE issued a travel advisory urging citizens to postpone their travels to Tanzania and Equatoria Guinea due to the virus, which has reportedly killed more than 14 people in both countries. "In view of the announcement by the health authorities in the Federal Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea of monitoring outbreaks of Marburg virus disease, and based on the ministry's concern for the safety of the country's citizens, the Ministry advises to postpone travel at the present time to the Federal Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea," the statement read.

Following the latest advisory, the ministry called on the public to avoid circulating rumors about the Marburg virus and only rely on information issued by relevant health authorities.

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