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The social media bigwigs delved in to the challenges faced by content creators during the second day of the 1 Billion Followers Summit and explored strategies, including the creation of a support system of experts, to enhance the growth and success of digital content creators.

The two-day summit held at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future on Wednesday and Thursday discussed the key issues where hundreds of CEOs and businesses gathered including creators.

Gurpreet Singh, co-founder of One Digital Entertainment, said on Thursday that a content creator needs different experts including an editor, a businessman, a lawyer, a finance expert and a PR (Public Relations) machine, noting that creating content is more than just numbers.

Singh, who believes content creation is also about positioning and perception, said that a content creator should decide when they need a team.

"While some manage to do all this on their own, they are exceptions. Most creators need a team to support them. Now, these teams are not just brokers; they are support systems that are part of the flourishing and tough times," Singh said as per WAM.

"Creators decide if and when they need like-minded people around them who are equally invested in them," he added.

Similarly, Fabienne Fourquet, CEO of 2btube, Phil Ranta, CEO of Spree, and Omar Hmaidat, entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of Dmsgroupme, called for creating a support system for content creators to accelerate help them grow in this burgeoning and competitive space.

"Creators can continue to invest their time in their craft, while all other peripheral needs and issues are taken care of by a support team or a talent manager," Hmaidat said in a panel discussion, titled "Should you have a talent manager?"

However, not everyone on the panel had a similar point of view. Rawaa Jallad, who has more than 2.6 million followers across all the social media platforms, noted that she did require a personal assistant but was not sure about hiring a talent manager or a team.

"I need a personal assistant, yes, but I am not sure about a talent manager or a team to help me in my work. I believe there are creators with entrepreneurial mindsets who can manage on their own," she said.

1 Billion Followers Summit, which is organized by New Media Academy, attracted over 3,000 content creators, influencers and creatives from all around the globe to explore the role of new media in supporting economies and contributing to sustainable development agendas.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, announced on day one of the summit that the country has allotted AED150 million to support content creators and establish a permanent influencers headquarters to transform the digital media sector.