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Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Head of the Federal National Council (FNC) Parliamentary Division Group at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), emphasized the importance of promoting parliamentary diplomacy, as it helps strengthen the culture of coexistence and tolerance to resolve global conflicts.

Al Nuaimi made the comments during his speech on behalf of the UAE Parliamentary Division at the meeting of the 148th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, Switzerland. The IPU event is being held from March 23 (Saturday) to March 27 (Wednesday) and attended by hundreds of parliamentarians from around the world to talk about the theme of Parliamentary diplomacy: Building bridges for peace and understanding.

"Many countries understand that peace is not merely the end result, but it is the journey towards tomorrow," Al Nuaimi said Tuesday, WAM reported.

"In our time of all-encompassing globalization, peace has transcended its traditional role as a mere framework for coexistence; it has become a cornerstone of survival, tolerance and a bedrock of social equity and mutual understanding among diverse cultures and faiths," he added.

Al Nuaimi said that as parliamentarians, "we are tasked with increasing the influence of parliamentary diplomacy. Through this, we seek avenues to foster and solidify a culture of coexistence and tolerance, which represents a pivotal gateway for resolving international disputes."

"It is our duty to create a path for national parliamentary efforts alongside our diverse executive bodies, to formulate and enact laws that advocate for peace and encourage harmony," he added.

He went on to explain that such legislation should tackle issues such as poverty, discrimination, and inequality in the respective countries. He also suggested drafting a "framework for collaborative international parliamentary efforts involving civil society, academia, the media, and religious and cultural organizations."

"The goal is to broaden educational outreach and awareness, promote a culture of dialogue and tolerance, and ensure that all individuals can live together while upholding human dignity and valuing intellectual, religious, and cultural plurality," he said.

To tackle the rising polarization and various international disputes, including political, economic, and military conflicts, the solution lies in three words: dialogue for coexistence, tolerance for peace, and peace for the sustainability of humanity's survival and growth, Al Nuaimi added.