Close-up of Hand Holding Coffee Machine. Representational Image.
Close-up of Hand Holding Coffee Machine. Representational Image. Chevanon Photography/

Minister of the Economy of the United Arab Emirates, Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, inaugurated the 3rd edition of World of Coffee Dubai 2024 on Sunday. The event is scheduled to run until Tuesday.

The event is organized by DXB Live and the Specialty Coffee Association, showcasing 1,650 brands and companies from local, regional, and global levels. Compared to last year, this edition experienced a 50% rise in attendance, with the participation of 51 countries at the exhibition.

The minister was accompanied by Timur Abdiljalil, Consul General of Kyrgyz Republic in Dubai and the Northern Emirates alongside Senior Vice President of DXB Live Khalid Al Hammadi and Chief Executive Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Yannis Apostolopoulos.

Shouq BinRedha, Exhibition Manager of World of Coffee Dubai, said this year's edition of the exhibition is set to build upon the successes of its previous editions, sharing that there will be fresh privileges and programs, including workshops and lectures, which will enhance the overall experience.

"The event is showcasing various global happenings such as the Coffee Design Awards and Best New Product Awards, aimed at acknowledging innovation and excellence in the coffee industry while fostering collaboration and partnerships among exhibitors, visitors and leading companies," BinRedha said, WAM reported.

According to the manager, this event will serve as a vital platform as people can unveil their new products, exchange expertise and knowledge and build a network with experts and innovators in the coffee industry.

This year's expo features the Roosters Village, Cupping Room and Brew Bar pavilions that provide diverse experiences to the visitors. Furthermore, there will be several interactive sessions and workshops, focusing on utilization of sustainable practices.

Khalid Al Mulla, Chief Executive Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association of the UAE Chapter, expressed his excitement regarding the new edition, noting that it is "recognizing the growing significance of this event as a premier destination for coffee enthusiasts and both local and international companies involved in coffee production."

"The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to gain insights on diverse cultures and artistic approaches to coffee preparation, stay abreast of the latest industry trends, and engage in discussions on promoting sustainability in the coffee sector," he added.

Al Mulla went on to praise the remarkable attendance, highlighting the popularity of specialty coffee and "emphasizes Dubai's prominent role as a hub for creativity and innovation in the coffee industry."

Aleeshia Bailey, President of Jamrock Green Crops, who participated in the event for the first time, acknowledged the global significance of this exhibition as it offers a unique opportunity to not only showcase products at a global level but also connect with coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and experts alike.