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Representative Image Nubelson Fernandes/Unsplash

The United Arab Emirates is increasing its support for the digital content production sector in the country, which currently has a value of around $250 billion and has the potential to grow to $500 billion by 2027.

The Middle Eastern country's initiative to host the 1 Billion Followers Summit, which is organized by the New Media Academy and will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, shows its interest in gathering content creators and influencers from across the world.

Ahead of the event, Alia Al Hammadi, CEO of New Media Academy, said on Sunday that "the UAE confidently strides towards a knowledge-based, innovative and creative economy, where human ideas and talents are the primary resources," WAM reported.

"This is evident in various industries, with content creation at the forefront, emphasizing talent excellence, impactful ideas, and exceptional use of available technologies to achieve a positive influence among audiences," she added.

The CEO of New Media Academy emphasized the UAE's vision to foster the growth of the creator economy through various programs and initiatives that would help develop self-capabilities of human resources. Furthermore, the UAE is also providing support and offering opportunities for their qualification.

"This is reflected in the harmony and alignment among all institutions and entities competing to support and develop the creator economy, with the '1 Billion Followers Summit' being a prominent example. All these efforts converge into one vision: the UAE as the land of talents and the preferred choice for those seeking to fulfill their dreams in this context," she added.

Hussein Al Atouli, director of the New Media Academy, acknowledged the rapid growth of the digital content industry, noting that it is a key contributor to economies across the world and helps achieve comprehensive and sustainable development goals.

The director noted that this industry has created multiple job types and professionals while benefiting from growing numbers of people using the internet, especially social media across the globe.

Al Atouli also noted that there are more than 300 million content creators in this world and that users spend more time on the internet than in front of the television.

"The advancements in artificial intelligence technologies promise rapid and unprecedented growth in this sector in the coming years. Everything achieved and attained by this industry is expected to multiply rapidly in a short period with the artificial intelligence revolution and the evolution of its tools," he said.

According to Al Atouli, the content creators and influencers on social media platforms are connected with a vast audience and this allows them to be a part of the "developmental scene and supporters of the cultural and social context of each country."