Crypto Hacking Concept

The United Arab Emirates Cybersecurity Council launched "The National Campaign for Cybersecurity" for government, private institutions and all members of society to create public awareness on cyber threats and prevent cyberattacks.

The campaign will prevent people from falling victim to cyberattacks, which involve using technology to trick internet users into revealing their personal information. This weekly campaign will last for an entire year.

It will cover various cybersecurity aspects such as identifying suspicious emails, the importance of creating strong passwords, keeping programs and applications updated and using applications securely.

Chairman of the UAE Cyber Security Council Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti said this campaign was launched due to an increase in cyber threats and their impact on people.

"This is in light of the tremendous digital developments that the country is witnessing, and in confirmation of the UAE government's commitment to providing a safe digital environment for all residents," Al Kuwaiti said, WAM reported.

The campaign aims to providing the community with the knowledge and tools to detect and protect against cyberattacks, and promote safe behavior by using the best practices and preventive measures.

Al Kuwaiti added, "The awareness by individuals and institutions is considered an important pillar in protecting the UAE society against cyberattacks in light of the vast technological development and the increase in cyber threats that accompany it."

The Chairman of the Cyber Security Council said that the National Campaign for Cybersecurity is aligned with the "We The UAE 2031" vision, which was launched to build an interconnected and effective society.

He encouraged everyone to participate in the campaign to build a safe digital environment and contribute to the "We The UAE 2031" vision for a thriving future in the Middle Eastern country.

Furthermore, the chairman noted that this campaign is beyond the UAE as it will share experiences and best practices across the globe.

Earlier this year, the UAE hosted the 52nd session of the Arab ICT Permanent Committee in Abu Dhabi, where the participants discussed various issues including cybersecurity.

Last year, the Middle Eastern country and Israel created a platform named Crystal Ball alongside other cyber leaders around the globe to fight against hackers and ransomware.