Sunny skies returned a day after torrential downpours paralysed Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates

The Dubai government has extended remote work for all government employees until Friday, April 19, in response to the heavy rainfall causing flooding. This decision excludes employees who are required to be on-site at the workplace.

The government has allowed employees to work from home due to severe weather conditions in the Emirate since Monday (April 15). The extension helps authorities support the field teams as they respond to the challenging weather conditions in the last two days, as per WAM.

All concerned authorities in Dubai are working toward fixing the situation after torrential downpours, which impacted businesses, clogged highways, flooded the major airport, left some residential villas thigh-deep in water, and halted air travel.

Aside from offices, private schools in Dubai will also focus on distance learning until Friday, ensuring the safety of students as well as teachers. Online learning will enable schools to repair the damaged infrastructure before students return to school in person next week.

Meanwhile, the President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, emphasized that the safety and security of citizens and residents is the government's top priority.

He also commended the public for their high level of awareness and responsibility shown during the recent extreme weather conditions, and directed authorities to assess the state of infrastructure throughout the country to minimize damages caused by the country's heaviest rainfall on record.

The President also asked the authorities to provide necessary support to families impacted by the severe weather and move them to safe locations.

Al Nahyan expressed gratitude to the emergency teams and other authorities for their efforts during the extreme weather, noting that their actions saved lives and property.

Several videos of cars and animals being stuck due to severe flooding surfaced on social media in the last few days. One such video showed how Dubai Police saved a cat who was struggling to stay above the water by holding a car's handle. An officer, who was on a boat, rescued the cat.

Another X user posted a video, showing the area around the Museum of The Future, saying, "Terrifying scenes of Dubai after storms and heavy rain, with lightning falling from the sky."