Dubai Alex Block/Unsplash

Dubai Opera is all set to host the opening ceremony of the first Gulf Youth Games, which will see the participation of 3,500 male and female athletes competing in 25 individual and team sports.

Meanwhile, 1,500 people are expected to attend the 40-minute-long opening ceremony of the event on April 16, featuring various performances under sustainability, unity and youth themes. The event will be held between April 16 and May 2.

Fares Mohammed Al Mutawa, Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee for the first Gulf Youth Games noted that the opening ceremony will reflect the UAE and the Gulf region's rich culture and heritage.

Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiman, a Member of the Board of Directors of the National Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Heritage Committee and the Opening and Closing Ceremony Committee also explained the themes of the opening ceremony, highlighting that they were chosen based on the goals and values of the event.

One of the key themes of the opening ceremony will be sustainability. The ceremony will use sustainable materials and practices, such as recycled materials and LED lighting.

"This concept focuses on eco-friendly practices for major sporting event ceremonies. It explores innovative ways to utilize sustainable materials for shows, sculptures, and design elements," Al-Sulaiman said, WAM reported.

He added, "This approach aims to create a visually stunning experience while minimizing environmental impact and harmful emissions. It aligns perfectly with the vision of our wise leadership and their commitment to sustainability, exemplified by hosting the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 28) held in Dubai last year."

The opening ceremony will also showcase the unity of the Gulf region, featuring performances from all six GCC countries, while featuring young athletes from all six Gulf countries.

Ibrahim Al Assam, a member of the board of directors of the National Olympic Committee and head of the media committee for the first Gulf Youth Games, noted that the event is being executed by a great team to promote, cover, and share information about the championship hosted by the UAE.

"We are keen on implementing the plan professionally to ensure its success, and we have seen great responses from all colleagues assigned to the task of preparing news about the participating teams and sharing them through an interactive electronic newsletter," Al Assam said.

Al Assam commended the efficient operation of the media committee, highlighting the seamless collaboration among different teams including the "desk" committee, the "audit" committee, the "social media" committee, and the photographers' committee, forming a miniature media institution.

He noted that this collective experience could serve as a foundation for future endeavors, showcasing the high professional standards of the team in covering sports events hosted by the country.