Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Growtika/Unsplash

The United Arab Emirates is all set to host GISEC Global 2024, where the world's biggest cybersecurity companies and international ethical hackers will address the Artificial Intelligence (AI) related challenges.

The event will be held under the theme, "AI-Driven Cyber Resilience," at Dubai World Trade Center from April 23 -25, WAM reported. During the event, more than 750 leading cybersecurity companies worldwide, along with 350+ cybersecurity experts and 1,000 ethical hackers will discuss AI-related challenges and trends that can shape the future of technology.

Charles Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., spoke about cybersecurity Tuesday, explaining how it is being "exponentially" impacted by AI.

"AI has the potential to make cyber threat detection and identification quicker. Software and platforms powered by AI scan files and data to identify unauthorized connections and communication attempts, abnormal or malicious credential use, brute force login attempts, unusual data movement, and data exfiltration," Brooks said.

Brooks, who will be speaking at GISEC's Mainstage on April 23 at 1:30 p.m. (local time), said that AI allows companies to draw conclusions from "statistics and guard against anomalies before they are discovered and fixed."

He acknowledged the widespread availability of AI-driven tools and their transformative impact on accessibility, and warned businesses regarding the drawbacks of using AI-driven tools. Brooks noted that malicious AI can be employed by criminal actors to hide malware in commonly downloaded programs.

He said that attackers can obtain user data, including identity management features, through delayed self-executing assaults triggered after a set period.

"Malicious AI can enable intelligent malware to learn from both successful and unsuccessful operations. After that, clever malware can find and take advantage of holes in systems, disseminate itself by trying different kinds of attacks, and adjust to countermeasures," Brooks added.

One of the most significant developments in the AI landscape is Generative AI.

Vectra AI, a top AI-powered platform that helps with attack detection, investigation, and response services, will be among the 750 exhibiting brands from around 100 countries at GISEC Global 2024.

Christian Borst, EMEA CTO at Vectra AI, highlighted the positive impact of Generative AI on cybersecurity operations, explaining that with Bart and ChatGPT, AI has helped many people.

"These more novel applications are being put to good use, enabling the user of cybersecurity technology to make faster and better decisions," Borst noted.