British PM Boris Johnson meets Michelle Ovens of Small Business Saturday in London

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and global adventurer Dr. Bertrand Piccard are all set to headline Masdar's second Green Hydrogen Summit this Tuesday.

The second Green Hydrogen Summit will take place in Abu Dhabi as a part of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) under the theme of "Building the Hydrogen Economy: From Dialogue to Reality," as per WAM.

The event will be attended by several key players from across the world, including ministerial speakers from the UAE, Azerbaijan, Japan, and the Netherlands, as well as industry leaders to discuss how to speed up the shift to green hydrogen and support cleaner energy sources.

At the event, keynote speaker Johnson will emphasize the significance of advancing clean energy initiatives. While serving as the UK Prime Minister (from 2019 to 2022), he announced plans to build a strong low-carbon hydrogen industry as a crucial step in the country's journey toward net zero emissions.

Piccard, Chairman of Climate Impulse, will also address the summit, discussing his ongoing efforts to achieve the first-ever hydrogen-powered flight around the world. He is known for his record-breaking initiatives, including the first non-stop balloon trip around the globe and the Solar Impulse project, which achieved the first flight in the world in a solar-powered aircraft.

The Green Hydrogen Summit is hosted by the UAE's clean energy champion Masdar and the event will feature a high-level ministerial panel that will discuss national strategies and policies that promote green hydrogen economies.

The panel includes Azerbaijan's Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov, Japan's Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoshida Nobuhiro, and the Netherlands' Energy Special Envoy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Frederik Wisselink.

Additional panels will focus on challenging industries to decarbonize, including aviation, shipping and heavy industry. The summit aims to bring both public and private sectors together such as policymakers, industry leaders, innovative investors, and pioneering entrepreneurs.

A key discussion titled "Financing the Transition" will delve into the essential elements required to make green hydrogen projects financially viable.

The "Financing the Transition" panel discussion will include esteemed finance leaders such as Lina Osman, Managing Director & Head - Sustainable Finance, Standard Chartered Bank, and Dr. Michael Whiteley, Global Head Clean Hydrogen, HSBC, amongst other global finance leaders.