Women in hijab at workplace working with men
Representative image Mikhail Nilov/Pexels.com

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, vice president and deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has launched the National Platform for Gender Balance with the aim of uniting federal and local governments to provide essential data centered on gender balance.

Al Nahyan unveiled the platform on Tuesday in the presence of the country's Gender Balance Council (UAE GBC), as well as secretaries and officials of the executive councils.

During the event, Al Nahyan praised the local and federal governments for their efforts geared toward maintaining gender equality. He also applauded the relentless dedication of the UAE GBC, which he directed to collaborate with the private sector in promoting gender equality.

"The private sector is a pivotal partner in perpetuating the UAE's ongoing development. It has been a dynamic contributor to the UAE's vision and strategies for many years, and now, we aspire for it to play a vital role in our aim for gender balance, thus elevating the UAE to a global leader in this field," he said, as per WAM.

Al Nahyan emphasized the need for the private sector's involvement in ensuring that the gender balance initiative is spread across the country, which hopefully will lead to best international practices.

"By uniting forces, we are not just pursuing a noble goal; we are setting an example for the world to follow, solidifying the UAE's position as a global leader in the pursuit of gender balance," he said.

Manal bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, president of the UAE GBC and wife of Al Nahyan, shared her thoughts on the platform, saying it is a visionary initiative that highlights one of many progressive projects approved by the council.

Al Maktoum went on to explain that this national platform will help monitor gender balance performance within the government and the private sector.

"Local governments are overflowing with numerous projects and initiatives reinforcing the UAE's distinguished path in gender balance, solidifying its role as a global model in this field," the UAE GBC president said.

Mona Al Marri, vice president of the UAE GBC, also emphasized the importance of the platform, noting that it "features a central display panel for gender balance data at federal and local government levels, along with a governance system for performance data, projects and targets."

"Each Emirate will have its dedicated display panel to update its data," the UAE GBC vice president said. "This initiative propels the UAE's government to new heights, further cementing its reputation as a leading nation offering the highest living standards for all residents, making it an ideal destination to live, work and prosper."

The UAE aviation sector reported in May that about 27,000 women are working in the industry, making up 42% of the industry's workforce.